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Learn Powerful SEO | Step by Step Guides
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Learn Powerful SEO

Rank University teaches you how to do powerful SEO and is up to date with all the latest trends in google and what works in todays SEO

Step by Step Guide

Have you ever been intimidated at the thought of setting up a website? If so, you’re like a lot of other people. So we offer step by step video tutorials that walk you through the entire process and provide you with the tools for success from day one

Build a business that provides freedom

Imageine having the opportunity to sell to someone or generate revenue 24/hr a day and not only between normal business hours? Yeah, sounds pretty great I know. Rank University will equip you with the tools to go out there and be confident with your SEO skills to make your first dollar online.

Gain exposure for an existing business

If you already own a business and would like to increase your online exposure this is the place for you. We understand that the internet is a place to generate free leads and learning to do SEO yourself will be cheaper than hiring a company

About the rank

Powerful SEO For All Skill Levels
From: Our Founder - Understand The Past To See What Drives The Future

Hey, I'm Greggory founder of "The Rank" and Rank University. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Cedarville University in 2015 and shortly after that I ventured into the world of online marketing. Like a few college grads I had always wanted to own my own company and decided that the time had come to finally do just that/ I fell in love with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and decided that's the road I would head down. I threw everything I had at this new business venture, including sweat, tears, and all my savings (there was no blood shed haha) Client SEO proved to be very profitable and fulfilling but I have always had this nagging in the back of my mind to create software, and teach others SEO. Starting my own SEO business was truly freeing in the aspect that I had clients in niches that I love, but didn't want to be directly involved in (I love cars but being a mechanic just wasn't for me). Since I was a digital marketing expert it provided me with the opportunity to work with plenty of car related businesses and be involved with an industry I love while providing me the free to own my own business and travel as I pleased. I hope Rank University is something that you find useful as you start, and grow your online business.