July 28, 2016

About Us

The Rank

We are a group of internet marketers that hope to share our knowledge with others in order to better their quality of life. We have all worked 9-5 at one point in our life and all decided that we would rather work 80 hours a week to never have to work 40 again. The founder of The Rank and Rank University worked a custodial cleaning job while his client SEO business took off. This meant very long nights and even loner weekends working on growing his SEO business. Since we do SEO on a daily basis we are up on the current trends and what actually works to get your site ranking. We wanted to create a place where we could pass this information directly to you and bring together a group of like-minded individuals as a community growing and learning together. We don’t only teach SEO tactics but lots of techniques including on how to grow your social media platforms (IG and Twitter) and affiliate marketing. Let us guide you on the journey to build a legitimate business online and make $100-$200 a day online.